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CBN Insurance Brokers

Why Choose Us?

We are honest and we work for you.

We look at your insurances and individually tailor each policy to your needs.

Every client is different and has different needs. We provide options and advice, but in the end the choice is yours. Whether it is home or commercial insurance, our experience ensures that the policy fits your needs, not the other way round. Brad Paton & Associates Pty Ltd services clients Australia wide. Brad has been in the insurance industry since 1976. We pride ourselves on supporting other local businesses and providing our clients with personalised service. We provide comprehensive business & personal insurance products to a wide range of clients and industries from the small business to the larger companies We have a commitment to you,We are here to make sure your assets are protected and your insurance reviewed when required. At claim time we are there to help you. We always try and make this process simple and easy rather than hard and difficult. “We guarantee to be there for our clients when needed”

  • Experienced & professional
  • Prompt service
  • Customer friendly
  • Claims focus

We obtain cost effective insurance policies at competitive prices and go into bat for you to sort out any issues that may occur if required. Brad Paton & Associates Pty Ltd have been insuring businesses since 2001 and in that time we have gained a considerable amount of insurance experience. There is over 60 years of business & commercial insurance experience within the staff in our office. Our contacts that we have established throughout the industry help us to be effective on your behalf.